Zadig & Voltaire : Value & Cool

Zadig and Voltaire is this wicked designer that I feel more people need to know about.

Edgy and clean pieces; easy to mix and gorgeously constructed.

Company profile

Founded in 1997 by a Frenchman, Thierry GillierZadig & Voltaire started as a women’s ready to wear brand. Eventually expanding into menswear in 2004, and childrenswear in 2006. The company sets itself apart from others, in its ability to create effortlessly cool luxury for the modern-day woman. They’re a sort of one-stop-shop for that piece that makes you feel “Parisien cool”. From their silk pajama sets to they’re cashmere sweaters, ripped jeans or neoprene zip-ups, each piece feels so different. Although Zadig & Voltaire received some slack from the fashion world early in their career, it slowly dissipated. People didn’t fully understand the heart and spirit of the brand and so they began criticizing the costs of the product; they were heard and the retail seems to have deflated a reasonable amount.

Zadig & Voltaire: Value vs. Cost (this is my mini-rant…)

Value is a funny thing, we can put a high value on things with low cost and vice-versa. And while I understand that to some, a neoprene sweater costing $200 CDN might seem expensive. But you must compare the difference ( and the importance) of that sweater being made in first world countries with fair wages vs. a sweater that costs $100 CDN that was made at a fraction of the cost but employing a child worker. Once you’ve conceptualized a garment all the way to the final product you realize how much time goes into it, and thus the cost increases because you understand its value.

A really great article about the brand can be found here. It’s 8 things you didn’t know about the brand, and they’re interesting facts, not “cliche trying to catch your attention with good headline facts” you’ll dig it… trust.

Signing off.


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