Yearly Empties 2018 Part 1: Hair Care

After discovering that saving your empties was a thing I did my best to save my empties from nov2017 to nov2018. I’m sure there’re empties that I didn’t save, simple things like soap bars or who knows what else. However, every time I finished something I would try to remember to put the packaging aside. After a year of having a container filled with empty bottles, I am SO PLEASED to be sharing this with you (finally) so that I can finally dispose of them all.

The Hair Care Edition




O’ yee faithful dry shampoo, as you can see I love dry shampoo. I usually purchase it at Winners as it’s much less expensive than Walmart or Shoppers Drug Mart, and their bottle sizes are always much larger.

The large bottles were approx $12.99 CDN each, the medium-sized bottle approx $7.99 CDN and the small approx $4.99 CDN.

I feel as though this category requires very little explanation as to whether or not I like this brand or would repurchase etc. but I will still give you a quick break down of my general thoughts.

1.Batiste Dry Shampoo Original Scent
There is very little smell to this particular scent of Baptiste. It’s easy to target right where you need it, where you get the oiliest, and follow through with a brush so you don’t have a build up of white in your hair. It’s my go to.

2. Batiste Rose Gold Dry Shampoo
This scent is the same formula as the original apart from the smell, the smell is sweet and fruity/floral, not really something I loved. I originally purchased this as I was hoping there was some colour in the formula, I thought it would have almost a metallic cast off, it didn’t.

3. Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo
This particular scent was tropical and smelled like a vacation, I would use this again; however, if you plan on wearing perfume it gets a little tricky because you don’t want the scent of your perfume to clash with the dry shampoo.

4.Batiste Original Mini
The classic, just smaller, I bought this while I was running around one day and I was worried my hair looked greasy. I will mention that this contained way more product than I thought it did.

Note: I am trying to shy away from aerosol, if you know of any good dry shampoo’s that are environmentally friendly please let me know!


Ahh, hair treatments.

1.PRAVANA The perfect Blonde Blonde Tone Masque Treatment $25 CDN
I really love this treatment because you instantly see results, you don’t need a lot for it to work, and a little really does go a long way. This product tones any brassiness from the hair in a matter of minutes, whilst doing so it also infuses your hair with silky moisture that adds a little life and bounce.

2.Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt $24 CDN
I hate how expensive this little jar is but hot damn it works. when your scalp is being temperamental and either it’s dry from the winter weather or maybe you’ve overdone it with product, this mask washes away all that buildup. When I first used this mask I struggled because I didn’t give it the thorough lather it deserved. It’s a very thick formula and you need to ensure you apply it to your scalp and work it in very well otherwise you won’t see its full abilities.

3.Strivectin Hair Ultimate Restore Deep Repair Mask $30 CDN
Upon purchasing this product I had high hopes. These high high hopes stayed just that, hopes. For a 30 dollar price tag, I thought this mask would’ve had some much bigger benefits, I thought my hair would be Eva Mendes in a Pantene Pro-V commercial smooth. My hair was soft but it felt as though there was a slight film left on the hair, almost as though it was a silicone base of some sort. This is not a product I would buy again.


Shampoo with pantene_Fotor

1.Pantene Micellar Shampoo gentle cleansing water $7 CDN
This product was very mild and smelled amazing, i also love the pump top, more brands should do this, it confuses me as to why they do not.

2.Head and Shoulders Classic Clean 2 in 1 $10 CDN
When my scalp gets dry in the winter I turn to that good ol’ H&S. Your scalp can be itchy and dry and one night with H&S and that discomfort is gone. I confidently turn to this 2 in 1. Whilst so many people think Head and Shoulders is strictly for a problem scalp, it’s not. Their shampoos and conditioners are nourishing and leave your hair and scalp so happy, they lather in such a thick and luxurious way, there are few shampoos that I rely on quite like H&S.

3 & 7.Milk Shake Silver Shine Shampoo $27 CDN
Telling by its reappearance down the line it’s clear I really like this shampoo, I’ll sometimes put this into my hair first before wetting it, focusing on the brassier areas. After letting it sit a minute or so I’ll wet and lather all my hair, let it sit for another 4 minutes and wash it out. Brass Be Gone!

4. & 6. John Frieda Shampoo & Conditioner $13 CDN Each
I like using this shampoo in the winter as it keeps my blonde bright. The only issues I have with this shampoo is that it can be quite harsh on the scalp. The brightening agents within the product seem to disagree with my scalp when consistently used. I feel as though with a little bit of research I could find a finer lightening shampoo or product but for now, I’m not in the market for any.

5./’stemm/ High Amino Shampoo $20 ish CDN
After reading so many positive reviews about this product I was so excited to try it. This product is thick like molasses and after countless tries, it would not lather properly, nor would it effectively wash my hair. It’s supposed to wash your hair delicately as to not strip too much away. That would’ve been lovely, however, it didn’t’ even do that. Instead, this product left my hair feeling dense, almost as though my scalp had been coated in something. I know you’re wondering how I finished this product if I disliked it so much… I mixed this product in with other shampoos in an effort to create a more voluminous formula- it worked. My hair appeared thicker. I didn’t like the overall feeling so I was glad when the bottle was empty. I feel as though this is one of those products you won’t know if you like until you try it.

7. & 8. Mane & Tail Shampoo (Deep Moisture) and Conditioner 8 each
Both of these products are fine. They’re not something I would buy again, picture a normal shampoo and conditioner and then just decrease their efficacy. That’s how I felt these products performed on my hair. They did their job but in a ‘less than’ sort of way. Not something I would repurchase.


Woah! Hair Care EMPTIES DONE! I had had these empties for so long, it brings me such joy to be getting rid of them. SO much Joy. This is basically a reverse Marie Kondo.

Have you finished any great products you’d like to share? Do you have any “holy grail products you feel the world needs to know about?


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