Withdrawing From a Bad Day


I have bad days. You have bad days. Everyone has bad days, it’s normal. But what happens when the bad day turns to worse and you find yourself spiraling out of control.

These are drug-free tips and tricks I use to combat my depression and anxiety

  1. I write

Sometimes I have an overwhelmingly large amount of thoughts swirling through my brain and it seems impossible to still them. Writing gives me an opportunity to get everything I’m feeling out onto screen or paper, and to help me figure out what I’m really thinking. Life can be overwhelming and depression and anxiety can cause your thoughts to spin out of control into an abyss of doom. Write, get it out, figure out what is really bothering you.

  1. I slow down

For me, the first step in fixing my state is to recognize what is going on. Be in tune with yourself and slow your thoughts down. Take a minute and make it positive, instead of asking yourself “why can’t I” tell yourself “why you can”. I’m really good at convincing myself that ciekaikai won’t succeed, and one day I met a woman at Starbucks (not a word of a lie) and after asking me why I was apprehensive to start this site, and telling her I was worried it wouldn’t succeed she said to me “well what makes you think it won’t” It was one of the most refreshing things and “ AHA!” moments I’ve had regarding ciekaikai, in an instant she took my negative thoughts and turned them positive. If you don’t have a kind stranger do it for yourself

  1. Exercise!

I run, do pilates, yoga, plyometric exercises, try and weight lift a little here and there and I spin. Running is my go to; when I’m done exercising I find I’m too tired to be negative with myself. The feelings are replaced with exhaustion and a sense of success with myself for what I’ve just achieved. There’s a ton of science backing up the benefits that physical activity has on our wellbeing if you don’t trust me look it up!

  1. Go to work

If you stay home when you’re having a bad day you will most likely sulk and be very unproductive, go to work. It will help take your mind off of things, and it’ll help you feel good about the day. If you stay home, at the end of the day you’ll most likely say to yourself “I haven’t even done anything today”. One day even after receiving tragic (life or death) news I went to work and by the end of the day I was so exhausted that my emotions didn’t take over me because I didn’t have the energy within me to let them, I finally had an opportunity to think without the bad energy taking over.


  1. I put makeup on

To me, applying makeup is almost meditative. The smooth stroke of my liquid eyeliner, the dabbing motions of my beauty blender on my skin, the sweep of my Guerlain bronzer, it calms me down. I almost always feel better after I apply makeup, I just feel a little more put together. I also get to try new colours and new looks, and when I fail it mostly causes me to laugh and not cry; think of it as face-painting therapy (or war paint)

  1. I play games & online shop

Don’t confuse this suggestion with actual shopping. Online shopping is slightly mindless and fun, you have an opportunity to look at a lot of stuff in a very short amount of time. Shopping can certainly be stressful, but I find when you’re exploring what the market has to offer it’s more wonder and “Ouu’s” and “Ahh’s” rather than frustration. Playing a game on your phone, something simple like Tetris has been known to help calm people with anxiety it lulls your thoughts and prevents you from “pin holing” on the bad.


I realize that not everything can be fixed with my tips and you may have some of your own, ie: like taking a bath etc … but the first step is to try your best to do what you can. Also in light of it being suicide prevention day, I urge you to reach out to anyone about something you are struggling with. You can’t do it alone and nobody expects you to. Remember if you feel alone and hopeless and at your worst, reach out to someone who you trust and loves you. For help can only make it better.

Take the step, ciekaikai is here for you.

with my whole heart, 


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