Winning at Winners With a Beauty Haul

I’m a bit of a serial shopper, I like the stores I like and I stick to them. But then every now and again life throws a curveball and surprises me… with well-priced beauty items. Oh sorry did you think that was going somewhere deep and reflective, unfortunately not, but you already knew that from the title.

I think Winners is EXTREMELY underrated if you have the time to shop and walk through several stores you have the time to look through Winners. Winners is a mish-mash, from higher-end contemporary designers to lower end companies you’ve probably never heard of, it’s a treasure trove.

On a most recent trip to Winners whilst I was picking up some gifts for a few girls I visit a few times a year I stumbled upon a thing or two for myself.

$11.00 CDN – Retail $38.00 CDN
$12.99 CDN approx. $40.00 CDN
$4.99 CDN $14.00 CDN
$29.99 CDN the full-size powders retail for $48.00 CDN and $49.00 CDN


Had I purchased all these goods at the full price I would have paid approx $189.00 CDN before taxes. Purchasing the items from Winners cost me a whopping $ 59.00 CDN, and an added bonus was that previous to this purchase I used the Makeup Forever Powders on a daily basis.

I don’t understand how people complain that they never find anything at Winners, when I go I swear all I do is find things, it’s dangerous. I think the problem people encounter with Winners is they aren’t willing to put in the work, they don’t find any thrill in the hunt.

Scavenge, slide, be prepared to find your next love. It’s possible if you just believe! Kidding.
It’s possible if you think of it as fun and teach yourself to enjoy searching for something new. I hope you’re as lucky as I am and come across a couple great items.


Happy Hunting,



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