When is it Okay to LIE to Your MD?

So recently I’ve had trouble focusing and completing tasks, and instead, just letting the exhaustion from work take over. I decided to go see my [skinnamarinky dinky dink] shrink because this is slightly out of the ordinary for me, and when I’m idle for too long I kind of panic.

We had a lovely chat as usual but to be honest I was SO ANXIOUS to see her, no idea why I was almost feeling scared. Once we started, I was able to relax a little bit, but still, I just felt uncomfortable [which is rare because the patient’s chair is SO comfy]. We talked, she asked questions, and then she gave me this questionnaire to fill out…

the drama…

I’m sure you and I have seen films before where a person is committed; they fill out a questionnaire or answer an asked question incorrectly and BOOM two whitecoats grab them and they’re gone. This was all I could picture while I was completing this survey. So what did I do? I lied.

Not because I’m worried, but because I just panicked and made my issues seem better than they are. And well… it made me wonder: How many of us have lied to our doctors?
Obviously I have, and this isn’t the first one. Most young girls use the “I’m using birth control for my skin” lie, it’s okay guys we’ve all used that one.

birth control

the problem…

Now here’s the problem, I LIED TO MY DOCTOR. Your doctor should be a person you trust to have your best interest in mind without pushing their own personal views into your treatment and care.
Example: If your doctor doesn’t believe in premarital sex, guess what? It’s not their place to try and instill those views in you, their job is to make sure that if you do decide to have sex you’re well informed and SAFE.
In my opinion, regardless of how hard someone tries, their personal views will leak into their treatment/care for a patient, I think it’s inevitable. Of course, that’s not the ideal situation but that’s something I believe. What happens when your doctor isn’t compartmentalizing? What happens when patients feel their doctor is judging them? Patients will lie, feel uncomfortable and in the end not get the PROPER TREATMENT AND HELP THAT THEY NEED. (see how that part there is bolded, it’s because it’s important)

the band-aid…

The solution to this is finding the right doctor for you, not just seeing the one your parents took you to as a child (unless they’re the best fit). As we get older it’s important for us to assemble the best group of healthcare professionals for us: doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, psychologists, pharmacists etc. If you don’t feel comfortable, then they might not be the right fit for you. So next time you have an appointment ask yourself, how did you really feel in that appointment? Were you truthful? Did you feel comfortable? Did you feel judged?

Have you ever lied to your doctor? or twisted the truth to not feel judged?
We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to share.


p.s: I really like my doctor, I was just having a bout of anxiety that day which caused me to panic. I still feel that she’s a good fit for me, and she and I will probably discuss this in our next session.

*p.p.s: This was a bit of a heavier post than I had initially intended, it sort of morphed from a diary entry to a wellness article. whoops.*

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  1. AV
    July 5, 2018 / 9:40 pm

    Great topic! I have definitely lied…one time was downplaying my depression because I was afraid they would commit me like in the movies! I was pretty young lol I don’t think it happens quite like that. I agree though…you should definitely find a Dr you are completely comfortable with!


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