What’s Our Lasting Imprint After Death?

Death is an awkward and uncomfortable topic for most people to talk about, and I completely understand. The other day I heard something along the lines of death being another stage in the cycle of life. I had never really thought of life as a cycle and so it was a new way of looking at things.

Recently, someone I’ve known for most of life passed away. I was shocked, and I just sort of froze when I found out. Afterward, I continuously broke out into spontaneous crying for the next 3 days. Whenever I’d close my eyes all I could picture was her smile. Her smile wasn’t extraordinary, but when she smiled it touched her eyes and you could really see how happy she was. I remember her laugh and her quick wit. All of this got me thinking when people close their eyes how will they remember you?

stefano pollio copy

I’d like to clarify that I’m not talking about your legacy or professional accomplishments, I’m talking about you.

Will people remember your complaining? Your incredible ability to turn something negative into something positive? Your adventurous nature and amazing karaoke skills?

When we’re gone our memory is what remains. The impressions we’ve left on others, the small sayings they’ve picked up from us, the skills we taught them. Looking at death and feeling its weight, all the small things we let weigh us down seem so trifling.

You know those motivational quotes that you seem to hear so frequently and dismiss as overused? They’re true. They’ve stayed popular for so long because they’re simple and yet so accurate, they convey a big message in such few words. If you think of life as a charm bracelet, those little moments in life are small chain links that attach the colorful charms to one another. As you go out, get ready for bed, or get up in the morning just remember to be the person you want to be remembered for being.

Seize the day as this too shall pass…


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