Vlogs: What do you want ?


This week has been a very active week for me! I’ve had a pleasant amount of energy even though I feel as though my nights of sleep have been restless and the gears of my brain have been turning incessantly. I keep thinking of beauty reviews and how I don’t think they’re as great as they could be. I feel as though you all deserve something better, you deserve to see how the product works. Does it slide, glide, or …. goop? What is the texture like? If the mask dries how does it dry? Is it buildable? So many questions, so many characters in every paragraph when it’s text.

I want you to hear my voice and see my facial expressions, and so I’ve decided I’m going to VLOG. But here is my question for you! As ciekaikai was created for the women of today, my question for you is… what do you want?
Do you want beauty tutorials? Reviews? Beauty hauls? Menstrual cycle questions answered? Your (almost) every wish is my command!

If you have any embarrassing questions I will get down to the dirty of it for you!
E-mail us, or leave what you want to see in the comments below.

Your friend,


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