Under-Stimulated Bliss

Yes, you were hoping this would be a sexy post and I guess that depends on your definition of sexy. If mature life realizations are your definition of sexy then this is it.

So, my bf has a farm that has been in his family for quite some time, and I insist that he bring me every time I hear of it. I’m sure he rolls his eyes internally at my endless pleas to bring me, but he acts like it doesn’t bother him. So recently, when I mentioned that I had wanted to do something on the weekend and not just hang out, he came back with an invitation/surprise of bringing me up to the farm !…. to cut grass. I know you’re thinking “what, to cut grass ?” yes, we cut grass. It was a beautiful day, and with a cooler of cold beer and some good ol’ Mcdonalds breakfast sandwiches consumed, we cut grass. The property is quite large (don’t ask me dimensions) and with many trees on the property, I cut around them with a push mower while the bf drove the sit mower back and forth. With growing blisters on my hands, sweat on my brows, and the sun on my back, I can say I haven’t enjoyed cutting grass that much maybe ever. The repetitive act of something so simple yet focused calmed me. After cutting grass I set down a sleeping bag and laid, and read, and emptied my mind.

I feel as though I had an afternoon of hitting refresh on my thoughts. I didn’t have constant stimulants around me: phone, TV, radio, computer (I did have my phone and laptop but I only used them for pictures). It was a beautiful afternoon of just reminding myself how lovely nature can be. We all know it (some more than others) but this little world of ours is quite special. From hearing the trees actually rustling, to watching the little movements of a caterpillar, time just seemed to slow.

It’s funny I sit here writing this article and I’m quite content, computer in front of me, television on and people chatting in my backyard. Interesting how we don’t (at least I don’t) realize how conditioned we are to being constantly stimulated. There’s always so much going on when you live in a city or even a suburb. Once you leave the life you’re so used to you sort of think … what am I supposed to without all these external distractions. Get into the ground, touch the earth plant something, get away from all the extras. In today’s society, it’s easy to move away from simple pleasures, we expect extravagance and so many extras. What about growing something, nurturing a plant from seed to food. Sometimes the smallest things in life will excite you, and you will be reminded that all those extras you thought you needed weren’t as exciting as you thought.

Off to the forest.


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