Totally Non-Typical Panel: Toronto’s Women in Business

Walking along the streets of Liberty Village we circled the building twice, walked down an alley-way, turned around walked the other way, and then finally found it -the Totally Non-Typical Panel. Tuesday was cold, but walking into the Mejuri HQ the air helped thaw our still tensed shoulders. Balloons greeted us as we entered the building, a big waiting area with a coat rack and an inviting velvet chair; the whole space had that industrial chic look.



In all honesty, I had acquired a ticket for this event without knowing fully what it would entail. I love Mejuri jewelry and seeing as they were the sponsor for this women’s focused event I had faith that the night would be informative, fun, and have all around good vibes.




The night progressed as follows, Aya Mcmillan hosted the event and guided the questions and panel.
The panel consisted of the following amazing women:

  1. Noura Sakkijha – CEO of Mejuri
  2. Laura Carwardine – Head of Innovation and Design at UMBRA
  3. Kirstine Stewart – head of Information & Entertainment at the World Economic Forum
  4. Tonya Papanikolov – Holistic Nutritionist, Founder of The Well Woman and Rainbo Mushrooms
  5. Antuanette Gomez – Cannabis expert and Founder and CEO of Pleasure Peaks



The women spoke of challenges they’ve each faced in their respective fields, they described what they do on a daily basis and how they got to where they are. The common factor between all these women really was their non-typical road to success.

I love hearing other women speak of their experiences and how they think other women will shape the future. As an entrepreneur, your future feels uncertain and “up in the air” and knowing that women before you have experienced the same scary moments, lends a sense of comfort.

Lots of tips and words of encouragement were exchanged, including an exclusive tidbit regarding Mejuri’s future. CEO Noura Sakkijha revealed that they’re going to be opening a few brick and mortars and expanding the lifestyle category of the company.

Mejuri Case collage


I’ve thought greatly on this and my brain ran wild with possibilities, loving Mejuri as much I do I’d be happy for them to expand in any way. With “Make luxury a habit” being their slogan there’s plenty of items they could add to their repertoire while staying true to the brand. Needless to say, we are very excited to see what direction they decide to go in.


engagement rings mejuri

What types of items do you think will be added to Mejuris expanding range of lifestyle items? We’ve got a few ideas but we’d love to hear yours!


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