The Wellness Diaries: Gluten is Not Evil

I decided I would try and stay away from gluten. It went well. for the first hour after said decision, I realized I wouldn’t be eating anything because I love gluten. I was mistaken… and exceedingly dramatic.
I had corn flour tortilla tacos and they were delicious, I still broke out into a rash. Tomatoes? Could it be tomatoes? Ugh. 

Staying away from gluten, I felt a little lighter. I was mindful of what I was eating. But don’t be discouraged and think that this was a piece of cake (gluten free of course) for me because it wasn’t. I most definitely went to the health food store and splurged on some pre-made meals. I didn’t get a rash in the 4 days I was eating gluten-free, it was so lovely.

I went bowling with friends on Friday and we got some french fries and beer. no problems here right ?! Wrong-o. Beer. It took me a solid moment to notice. I don’t know if I felt a tingle along my neck because I was so paranoid that I was going to break out or if it was actually going to happen, nonetheless, I stopped drinking immediately and nothing materialized.
A few days later while munching on some coleslaw I broke out in the hottest heat wave of redness. I didn’t even know what to do. I figured it must have been the vinegar? But a day later when I had some more just as a general test nothing happened. So this is where I’m at… with very few answers, well none… no answers.

Feature Image Credit: Davide Ragusa


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