The Royal Crazy

I’m quite tired.

I had my appendix removed about a month ago and I’ve had a billion small annoying complications. It sucks… Royally.
I’ve been so tired, all I do is eat and sleep. I ate 4 bags of mini popcorn tonight. Contrary to societal standards I was not ashamed at all, it was exceptionally buttery.
As I ate said popcorn I watched The Royal Tenenbaums, one of my favourite movies. Ben Stiller is amazing, as he gets older he gets more handsome.

Not really sure what this post is supposed to be about. I had also watched the movie, Ask Me Anything (with Britt Robertson), in the movie her character does heaps of blogging and it had me missing ciekiakai.

The difference between her and I is, she desires fame for no reason but I don’t want that; if ever I become a noteworthy person I want it to be for a great reason. Like the small acts of daily kindness I try and accomplish or for my mediocre sewing skills, or my love of inspiring and motivating people, or quite possibly for my ability to throw some words together and move people. Or even quite possibly … my ability to eat four bags of popcorn.


Oh, how Gwyneth Paltrow makes me want to wear Lacoste tennis dresses, aka I’m about to do some serious online browsing.

Seeing as it’s midnight and I’m exhausted and this post is going nowhere I think I should go to bed. however, I will try and blog tomorrow.
There are so many things to say and do.

I hope your night or morning is amazing and I hope you realize that you are loved.


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