The Look: Princess Peach

I don’t often DO my makeup. I’m talking about a full face of eyes, eyebrows, skin, and lips, I usually do 2 out of the 4 and then realize I was supposed to be somewhere 15 mins ago and rush out of the house. The days when I do manage to do a whole look/face, is a rarity and needs to be heavily documented hence this post.

The other day I was getting dressed and I put on this really simple tulip styled tank top I hadn’t worn in about 8 months. The colour of this tank is a sort of vintage bordeaux colour. The reminder of my love for this shirt sparked an immediate desire to create a monochromatic look.

You never know where inspiration will strike.

I decided to dig into some of my makeup that I have yet to open and settled on a new palette that was just dying to be used. A simple palette that features shimmers and mattes alike. The palette came with a small eyeshadow inspiration guide and so I thought why not try to recreate one of the looks documented in this small pamphlet. I decided to choose the look Peach Sugar as it wasn’t too simple nor was it too complex.


Peach Guide
This is a rough scan of the guide


This is my quick look using the Tarte White Peach Eyeshadow Palette . This palette was fun to play with, I found there were enough colours to create several different looks, not only something safe and peach. ALSO, the entire palette smelled of peaches, it’s truly delightful. The scent is delicious and not overbearing, It’s worth noting that there was no scent post-application.


Peach Palette Before and after.jpg


The colours applied well and blended incredibly, the pigment was very soft when applied and the colours didn’t distort one another (as has been seen with some pallets). It’s unfortunate that the pink tones of the eyeshadow didn’t translate as well via camera as in person, note that the shadows weren’t as pigmented as the inspiration pamphlet would suggest. On my lips, I used a Bite Beauty Lip Crayon in the colour Glace to tie the look together.


Peach Eyeshadow images
Retails for $55 CDN


Overall I’m happy with the look but I do think I’m going to be more heavy-handed with the colour next time. I want the colours to be much more visible. With all this said I absolutely LOVED creating a monochromatic look (it’s not perfectly monochromatic but it’s close), it was a new experience for me and I’m certainly going to be doing it again soon!

Have you ever created a monochromatic look?
What colour did you choose?

Ready for your opinions,

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  1. December 9, 2019 / 8:43 pm

    The colour of the makeup brings out your eye color. Also it looks great good job!


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