Summary: Returning From Across The Globe

Hello! How has it really been so long since we published an article!?

We’ve been globetrotting and life has been quite busy. From weddings to beach houses to sewing outfits for said weddings my time was spread quite thin, and in all honesty, I wasn’t managing my time efficiently, whatsoever.

I look forward to getting into the specifics of my trip and showing you around South Africa but I want to give you a full breakdown and not overload you all at once.

With that being said No Bare Lips November has rolled around and we were not prepared. I’m saying that every year so needless to say I’ve got somethings to work on. This year NBLN is going to work a little differently than most years, posting on a daily basis isn’t realistic this year but we will still be dishing out lots of content to keep you entertained and inspired.

Summary Post Quick Taste image

I wanted to give you a quick taste before I signed off but yes, this vacation was exceptionally picturesque and all my photos don’t even seem real. I can’t wait to show you more so make sure you stay tuned!

Wild thing,



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