Space Cadet : A Bad Morning with Depression

So today wasn’t a great day for me.

I try and bring light into my writing and my day by giving feelings a nickname, today I felt like a space cadet. I felt out of sorts, very not myself, head in the clouds and unable to be present. It’s one of my least favourite feelings.
Before I went to work today I was Depressed, capital D. The feeling of impending doom, feeling worthless, and just generally shit (tbh). But then I’d have these snippets of clarity when I could almost relax and remind myself ” this isn’t you”.
At one point I looked in the mirror and I barely recognized myself all teary eyes.

This is what a morning with depression and anxiety can sometimes look like. And I feel as though the word depression is used so frequently to describe sadness or disappointment that people don’t realize that the word depression is a great deal more. Depression is darkness, it’s a really dark place that requires time to truly understand better, but never really fully, and be more aware of. This is a small snippet of what today looked like for me, the day improved but it wasn’t easy.
Quick Reminder: people may have smiles on their faces but behind that could be a wide range of emotions.

Be kind, and try and bring light into someone else’s day.


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