Creating An Online Community

People love asking others what they do for a living, it’s ingrained in us.
*Must ask person how they make money* [in a robotic voice]

I’m proud of what I do; I love writing. The only thing I don’t love is that sometimes I make it sound less important than it is.

A: Oh so what do you do for a living?

Me: I blog and create videos…

See what I mean. It just sounds a little small, the task and the idea. But here’s the thing… it’s not. I do research and do my best to carefully articulate myself within my posts.

To me, saying something as simple as “I blog and create videos” doesn’t sound like what I’m trying to accomplish because IT’S NOT. I’m not just making videos and writing articles and creating content, which I know A LOT of people think I’m doing

*Shout out to my haters*

What I want to achieve is creating a community. A community of people happy to learn about the world, others, beauty products, and health.


I want you to be a part of this community if you want to be. I want people to connect here. To have a dialogue in the comment section that maybe helps them create a bond, a rapport with one another.

I know I’m asking a lot from you, following, commenting, liking (if you like it) and letting me know what you want. I want you to log on and trust the information you’re reading, and to be able to connect in one way or another with the other readers.
I won’t always know what to write about.


But this isn’t just mine, it’s yours too: you get a say

Let’s get real with each other, talk about real topics that affect real people. No bullshit, no added *my life is perfect* filter. Unedited acne, real-life eating and exercising habits, tips from one lazy gal and some realistic beauty treatments and many more real topics.

I hope you’ll join me because I’d really love to have you.



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