To Be Single Or Not To Be

Do you love being single? Or would you rather meet someone special?

Coming from a commitment-phobe I’m almost always inclined to answer yes to the first question. My fear of rejection is strong and so to avoid rejection I just never get close to anyone, until recently, but this isn’t about our relationship this is about some of my experiences with being single in today’s day and age.

It’s easy being single! You wake up in the morning after having slept in alone, not having had to surrender half that paradise you call your bed. You get ready, use all the hot water you want, nobody to think of but yourself. Eat what you want, and slink out of the house at your own pace.

After working all day you come home and you only have to think about what you want to eat, what are you craving? You wear your sweat pants and give no cares about your appearance. Life is breezy. 

But with all the joys that being single brings it’s also exhausting.

The never ending questions of “why are you single” as if you’re supposed to automatically want to be in a relationship because after all “your friends are getting married, aren’t they?”. People feel as though your romantic life has automatically become their business, “oh you must be devastated being alone, but wait! I know a guy you would just love ” (and it’s always a nephew isn’t it?!) Going on dates and the rigorous inquiry that follows.

How was it?
Did you kiss?
What did you wear?
Where did you go?
Did you split the bill?
What did you talk about?
etc etc…

It’s so taxing being told that we need to be in a relationship. Life doesn’t end after 30, hell it doesn’t end after 50 or 60! Love is love and you can find it any time with anyone but remember to not let the world weigh on your romantic choices. Everyone moves at a different speed and you don’t need to follow the same path as Brenda to your left or Jackie to your right.

People are living longer than ever, this means we have more time to spend on the different stages of our lives. You get to spend more time focusing on your career and the general quality of your professional life. Are you happy with the tangent your life is taking? So change it.

Just remember it’s easy to compare yourself to others and where they’re at in their lives but remember: you are you and they are them.

Find happy, unpressured, head over heels, respectful and adoring love

And if you’re happy being single, be single!


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