Shoutout to Beauty Vloggers!

Today I’ve been testing some beauty products! But it has been SO frustrating!

You’re probably wondering why something that should be so fun has been so disheartening, so let me tell you. It is so difficult to apply makeup smoothly for photos. If you’ve done it, I salute you because I find it almost impossible. Like CLOSE-UPS!! Not going to happen. I have tried a million times and failed, tried some more and failed. On my old blog I used to take photos of me testing lipsticks and I never remember it being this difficult. You know when you say a word over and over again and it loses its meaning, that was sort of what taking a photo of the same thing felt like.

In the midst of me photographing my lips about 100+ times and realizing they’re totally uneven, I watched several Youtube videos to see if there was anything I could improve upon. So let me tell you about a couple Youtube vloggers that I commend for their unreal makeup artistry skills.

She is one of the first YouTubers whose videos I watched, I was about 16-17. Growing up I had really bad skin and she posted a video on how to cover up acne (it has almost 30 million views now) and it sort of changed my life; realizing that makeup could be such a powerful thing was mind-blowing. Her channel is definitely worth tuning into. She addresses tons of questions and common difficulties people with acne deal with on a daily basis. I genuinely think this is wonderful because when you have acne you feel like everyone notices. She’s currently going to school for dermatology and she has a great understanding of skin and simple ways to keep it clear, she doesn’t only focus on facial acne but talks about acne all over the body. Her ability to be so transparent is refreshing.

Oh Cosmobyhaley, today, when I was frustrated, her videos were some of the first I watched. The thing is she has such good technique so when you watch her videos she shows you how it should be done in theory, it’s just a matter of mastering that skill yourself. She also does some good makeup reviews, I’m slightly seething with jealousy of her skin; her skin looks so smooth, her lighting is incredible. She has filmed some really great videos! I definitely recommend checking her out!

He’s got personality like nobody else! He is loud and proud and out there and oh so fabulous. Patrick Starr’s videos are really fun to watch so not only are they informative but he is just so entertaining. I also enjoy his videos because he uses so many different products, and so you get to see such a variety. He’s excellent at communicating his thoughts re: what he’s doing so you never really feel lost. He has done makeup on celebrities from Katy Perry to Kim Kardashian, ahh the power of the internet.

This is my last current favourite, there are so many amazing youtubers out there right now but these are the ones I’ve been watching as of late. She is this adorable girl.. well woman, from the UK. Her accent makes everything better, I swear. Her videos are fun and funny and her makeup looks are pretty and simple, clean and classic. I like that she doesn’t always over complicate her looks because sometimes you just want something fresh and pretty. Honestly, her looks are just realistic, makeup you could wear in the real world.

Check these vloggers out they have amazing skills and are jut re-writing the game. Their makeup skills are unparalleled, they are such amazing artists.

Signing off.


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