Self Doubt & Success

There it is, that doubt creeping in. Being an entrepreneur is hard, there’s no set path like some careers/methods of making a living. Having days where you look at yourself and ask “am I going to be successful, or is all of this effort for nothing” are super common. There’s no chart, grading system, or supervisor, that tells you that you’re doing well. The only way of knowing how you’re doing is by whatever scale you’ve set for yourself.

Do you measure your success with money?

Do you measure by number of followers?

Blog/website views?

A general sense of accomplishment?

Being an entrepreneur is like deciding to be on an island, without a paddle/raft, trying to get to the mainland. You try to get peoples attention in catchy ways, in hopes that they might assist you. You need to put things together in hopes that it’ll help you float; if it doesn’t you try countless times until you’re above water and sailing happily.

It’s emotionally taxing. You could bust your ass and nothing changes and you can do something minuscule and see incredible results.

Today is one of those doubting days. A day that weighs on me a little more than the others, when I’ve put more pressure on myself than other days. Today I’m a little more worn down, a little discouraged and feeling deflated.

Tomorrow the sun will rise and a new day will start, and it’s up to me how that day goes. I haven’t really decided how I’m going to measure my success, but when I figure it out I’ll be sure to let you know.


p.s: I tip my hat to all entrepreneurs out there who are working tirelessly to make their dreams a reality.


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