Screen Time !

I love writing; I love being able to read the words someone deliberately has chosen to express themselves. It feels like an open door into their thoughts. Their brain: an open office, filing through their opinions and desires. But here’s the thing… someone’s thoughts don’t always fully express their enthusiasm. You can paint a picture of what you experience and see but it’s always different when you see it with your own two eyes. Imagining is nice but seeing can be better. Everyone’s different and those who are visual learners and prefer to see rather than read would probably prefer some good old videos!

Screen time baby, I have started a YouTube channel.

It feels odd to be honest, I never really thought I’d do videos but I suppose it’s no different than writing. The words come out of your mouth and you get to cut the video as you see fit starting and stopping like a sentence.The thing that’s odd is hearing my voice and seeing myself through a screen. We become so judgemental, seeing the negative things before the positive. Picking ourselves apart before someone else does.

I’m not well versed in editing, filming, audio or anything similar and although this is a learning curve I hope you’ll bear with me and watch me grow.

I’m excited for you to get to know me and hope that ciekaikai can grow a positive dialogue between its readers and watchers.

Emails are welcomed at all times, thoughts and opinions and anything you’d like to see. Look forward to hearing from you!



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