Running Diaries: Tips On Starting & Not Hating It

I used to run a lot, well, a lot for me. I would run almost every other day and run about 7 Kms. I needed to get out of the house and running allowed me to do that, however, I’ve never been one for the treadmill, more like dreadmill. I hate running on a treadmill, I feel like a hamster on a wheel. I like getting outside to run. Seeing all the changes in the world allows you to really reflect. You get to smell the air, say hello to your neighbours, and discover new areas of your community.





The most crucial part of running outside for me is the following, if I’m running on a treadmill I can jump off, but if I’m running outside and decide to quit I still need to return to my starting point.

“Running outside makes giving up harder.”


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It’s been about 2.5 -3 weeks since I’ve re-started running, it has certainly not been easy but with the completion of every run I feel a small sense of accomplishment. I don’t want you to get the impression that going running is easy for me. Just like everybody else I come home after work and plop down into the softest surface available. I struggle with getting my ass up, dressed and outside.

I have a few tips that will hopefully help you.

  1. Lay your running clothes out in the morning before you leave for work: If you want to run before work sleep in your running clothes until you get used to not hitting that snooze button repeatedly. Having a visual cue, or reminder that you want to go running is helpful, as it’s not just a fleeting thought you can brush away- it’s physical. To remove this cue you’d have to put away those running clothes and believe me you’d feel even worse doing that.
  2. Start small: This one has been vital in my success. When I don’t feel like running I comfort myself by saying, “just 20 mins it’ll be over before you know it”. Everyone has 20 minutes they can spare for a quick run. It doesn’t seem so bad when you think of it this way. Also, you don’t have to run the entire time, it’s okay if you need to slow down and walk a little, just try not to stop moving forward.
  3. Keep it on SHUFFLE: When I run I shuffle through all of my songs I don’t stick to a playlist. Shuffling all of the music on my iPhone often brings up songs I haven’t heard in forever and it gives me this little pep in my step. you’re reminded of great tunes from summers past. Maybe it’ a song you remember listening to with the car top-down, or a song you may have gotten a little tipsy to and boogied your butt off. This has proven to be one of the best methods for keeping me moving. And if you come across a song you don’t like all you have to do is click skip!


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