Review: Deborah Lippman & Getting Nailed- Monochrome

Nails are a weird thing, aren’t they? You paint these little disks or almond-shaped extensions of your fingers that are basically modernized claws. Strange to think of what their pre-evolutionary purpose was. Now that the in the depth analysis of me staring down at my hands is done let’s get nailed.

One of my favourite Beauty Salons, NAKED BEAUTY BAR, went through a period of time where they were posting lots of colour blocked nail looks, I fell in love with the look but was unsure of how it would wear on me. I didn’t think I could pull it off. But you don’t know until you try.

If you haven’t heard of Sephora’s weekly wow, first of all, you’re missing out, secondly, it’s a week where they discount a bunch of products by about 50% and they stay there until they’re sold out. I came across this kit upon one of my scrolling “sejours”.


Lady In Red - Shades of Red Nail Polish Set
Lady In Red: Shades of Red Nail Polish Set – CDN $29.00


I love red nail polish, it’s such a classic; dark or light, to me red is red and I love it all the same. When I scrolled upon this collective of lovely reds my eyes lingered that extra second, especially because it was so inexpensive in comparison to all other Deborah Lippman products. (average of $22 a polish) This was the perfect opportunity for me to see whether or not I could pull off the monochromatic look.


I used all of the above colours apart from the sparkles which I used on one nail later in the week to cover a little bit of wear from the nail tip. You know when your nail polish doesn’t necessarily chip, instead, it pushes back from the tip from wear.

Upon painting my nails I was pleasantly surprised, you could tell my nails were all different but only if you allowed yourself to notice. During the week people continuously noted how they liked the look and how they would potentially try it.


Deborah Lippman Nail Collage .jpg
I apologize for my awkward hand modeling, I’m no J.P Prewitt


Not to brag but I think it looks damn good.

Quality of the lacquer

I’ve heard mixed reviews of DL polish, I find it applies very smoothly and doesn’t thicken over time as other polishes do. The colour spreads fluidly. I really do give this polish a set of thumbs up. The brush is quite thin and the bristles are stiff but in a way that allows you to distribute the polish uniformly, edge to edge and all corners.

If you’re looking for a set of polishes that go well together, are different colours but could all be used together you should really look into the other sets she has! … especially with summer just around the corner. (I swear its coming)

& Don’t forget to check out Naked Beauty Bars Instagram it is so addictive!


Nakedbeauty bar fun images .jpg


Do you think this is a look you would try?


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