Resurrection, Social Media & Inspiration

The Intro

I’ve launched a business! It’s been in the works for some time and I’m quite thrilled and overwhelmed that it’s finally out in the world. It’s a small silks accessory company which I hope will be expanding into other things as well. I’ve included a charitable aspect into the company so a portion of sales will go towards different charities.

The Story aka What Inspired This Post

In the whole hubbub of this launch, I’ve been preparing product packages to send out to different influencers who I feel align with my brand’s aesthetic and values. It’s always awkward approaching an “influencer” [I really dislike that word]. I put together gift boxes with the hopes that they each would be open to receiving some free stuff, which I feel like most people would be. ALSO, I truly worked so hard on them. From custom piece made from unique fabrics and scrolling their feeds to really get to know their style to letterhead, custom gift boxes, product postcards, and additional small personalized gifts; I tried to put a piece of myself within each box so they could get to know me and better understand the essence and the care behind the brand.

In the midst of this whole thing, I typed up a short Instagram message and sent it to one of the said influencers. She’s a cool AF fitness influencer who I secretly just want to be my big sister because she’s just so rad. First things first, even with 60k followers, her own business, and just living her busy life she replied in less than an hour. Yes, I almost cried. Try not to make fun of me for all the things I’m about to tell you BUTTTT, my heart started beating super fast from anxiety [would she reject me] & anticipation [an “omg it’s really happening” kind of feeling]. She wrote the sweetest message, was complimentary, and showed gratitude. Yes, she lived up to my made-up idea of how I always thought she would be.
* Which, side note, is actually a very pleasant surprise considering I only knew her from social media, and social media is THE place where people often pretend to be something they are not*

After my jump for joy I called my parents because I just needed to share the news with someone.

The Wisdom

After reading my message aloud my dad said something quite impactful. He said something along the lines of: “Wow! That was so well written! Cie, you’re such a good writer I really wish you would write more”. We all did a little happy dance and then I started reflecting upon the fact that the message I sent to her was easy for me to write. I didn’t struggle or re-think each sentence.

And then the ‘oh shit‘ moment came, I have seriously neglected this site.
I’m ashamed of how little effort I’ve put into it considering it really is my firstborn.

It’s the thing I always come back to, It’s me. It shows my transformation and my growth throughout the years, it’s a place where I can release my ideas or talk freely and reach out to readers. It’s a space that I can come to and feel like everything I’m sharing on the other end I’m sharing with my best friends. It’s a feeling that I had to soon forget, but am trying to remember.

I’ll be honest… it’s not easy. Editing all the photos I post or all the little behind-the-scenes stuff that I never thought I’d have to think about. But when I see my readers or viewers [my YT channel] interacting with my content I get so fired up.

Where Do We Go From Here?

This post is an apology, an explanation but not an excuse. It’s me trying to slide back into things without you noticing how I’ve neglected you. I don’t want to go so far as to say that this is a re-birth, but maybe like a resurrection?


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