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So I see a therapist, she’s also a medical doctor, and has many plaques hanging on her wall to remind me that I am seeing a qualified person. She’s really nice and understanding and makes me feel good, which I guess is part of why I see her. I don’t know what motivates some people to seek out a therapist, but I see one because I find comfort and relief when I talk with her.

I’ll set the scene up for you…

I walk into her building, get buzzed in from the lobby to the main part of the building. After I ride the elevator up 4 floors I walk into a sea moss green reception area with about 7 chairs, a washroom, and an old radio that is usually playing CBC One. She’s usually on time and comes to collect me. We sit in 2 comfortable chairs and we talk. She’s blonde, very slim and she’s always so calm.

She normally starts with some questions of some sort and we begin to chat. In between me talking she gives me her opinion. We talk about all sorts of things, how I’m feeling, my relationships with others, work, it always seems as if there’s so much to say. I usually leave feeling light, calm, and like I’m on the right path. She doesn’t overprescribe; she’s honest about her opinions and lets me do most of the talking until the end. Ahh the end… The moments when she shines, she talks calmly yet purposefully about what I’ve been speaking about and gives me her ideas.

Here’s the thing, I’m embarrassed about seeing a therapist. It’s true. I don’t’ tell a lot of people because I think there’s still a stigma surrounding therapy, yet here I am posting it online.

I don’t know if you’ve ever considered therapy or it’s something you’re interested in, but it’s not as scary as you think. You pretty much have free reign over most of the session, and you get your ideas out in the open, which for me has been the most useful aspect of it. Don’t hold it in any longer than you have to. Don’t bottle it up, get it out. Work through problems, not around them.

Now that I have finished with some good quality bumper sticker sayings you may be on your way.


Do you feel there’s a stigma surrounding therapy?

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