Performing Makeup: Madroni & NBLN

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There are people who don’t post everything on the internet, they’re a rarity but they exist. When researching @Madroni_redclock also known as Madrona Redhawk it was quite the excavation. The Nevada highschool senior found herself drawn to makeup as a means of expressing and exploring her native roots (belonging to tribes Choctaw, Creek, and Shawnee). Playing with the imagery of handprints and their meaning, a representation of humanity, Madrona began using handprints in her art in subtle ways. She eventually experimented with handprints and using them as a topper, with a finished look she’d covered the face with a paint handprint.

The interest in her art grew and so did her ingenuity, she began dabbling in using different and outlandish mediums. Using sheets to apply the paints/makeups or even covering a shower head with a net and paint and spraying herself into a masterpiece.

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While the methods by which she paints are untraditional and the looks she creates so outlandish they could be compared to something out of a Dali, she does not create with a hidden meaning in mind. She creates based on the principles of beauty and being inspired by her surroundings. Whether it be the heaps of television she watches, the sparkly Las Vegas strip or the hikes she enjoys with her loved ones, her incredible mind can re-interpret whatever she experiences into innovative works of art.

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Though she doesn’t consider herself a makeup artist, for the sake of NBLN (because I desperately wanted to introduce you to her work) we’re going to use one of her looks to inspire us. Not recreating the look but instead having our love of her work nudge us in a forward-thinking direction.

We took inspiration from this look as tbh many of her looks would be too difficult for us to succeed with our skill level.

Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 1.45.24 PM

Using the holidays and more so the weather as inspiration, we opted for a simple snowflake.


By using a cookie-cutter (like an actual cookie cutter) edge to create the precise outline we then proceeded to let the colours in front of us call our name one by one. With no plan in mind we just sort of let it happen.

Here’s to thinking outside the box,


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