Pat McGrath Fetish Eyes The REAL Review

The long awaited, but was the longing just that… long? I feel as though one moment I was hearing about the production of this product and then the next it was here. Waiting for my Sephora alert to kick in I finally received the e-mail. and shortly thereafter it was in my shopping cart and then my front stoop.


texture closeup.jpg


The Pat Mcgrath Labs Fetish Eyes Mascara described as such:


Prepare to lash out with FetishEYES™ Mascara. This instantly iconic formulation works overtime to impart fetish-worthy length, major lift, and maximum drama in one stroke. Bold, buildable and intensely black, each stroke wraps lashes from root to tip in saturated satin shine. Conditioning peptides strengthen and defends lashes from free radical damage, while panthenol hydrates for lashes that stay luxuriously soft to the touch. Straight from the lab, this all-in-one mascara seamlessly builds from coquettishly feathered to editorially-inspired, for a full-on lash fantasy that becomes more extreme with every swipe. Succumb to the power of a bold, brazen lash with this hard-core mascara that delivers lashes so luxe they are positively lethal.

Yes & No


fetish eyes with and without


Yes, the lashes are dramatic and gorgeous and extremely feathered, the first time… but once you load the brush with more product you’ve reached questionable territory. The territory I like to call is it me or my mascara. This mascara clumps and becomes quite thick the 3rd of 4th time you’ve used it, I fear it’s from an increase in oxygen entering the tube.


before afte upper view pat mcgrath lashes


I’m sure a lot of the reviews you’ve read have been positive but that’s because they’ve only used it once or twice. After a week or two of wearing this consistently, I can tell you it doesn’t get better until the point you reach needing a new tube and have that fresh swipe once more. This does flake during the day, and if you have oily skin expect to get it on your eyelids it’s not indestructible… it moves.


Side vieww


I’m not saying this product is good or bad for you because it depends on what you’re looking for. I still like this mascara but I do find I can only wear it for short periods of time. Will I be using this mascara until completion? Well … for $36 CDN a tube you can bet I will be.

*Please note these images are from the first use of this product*


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