Pat Mcgrath Ecstacy Mini Palette

Pat Mcgrath Labs products are expensive, they’re considered high quality, almost collector items. They come in gorgeous solid packaging that makes makeup application a luxury, but what if you can’t afford to shell out 170$ for a palette? or at least are unsure of the quality prior to purchasing? You get a mini.

Now there are plenty of minis out there that are terrible value, I’ll be the first to say it, you get WAY more packaging than a product, it begs the question why bother?

Ahh but then a mini that is worthwhile comes along and you have the ability to try a few products for a third of the cost of a full sized palette. Oh ! and did I mention you get mascara and loose pigment angel dust as well? Yea baby!




– 1 x 6 colour mini palette
– 1 x loose Angel Dust pigment
– 1 x mini Pat Mcgrath Labs Fetish Eyes Mascara

Click for full Mascara Review And Video


The colours within the palette consist of warm versatile shades that can be used in a million different ways. High lighters, eyeliner, blush, and bronzer are all other ways of using these shades.

Starting from the upper left corner the shades go as such: After Glow, Paradiso, Liquid Sun, Dark Matter, Le Sin, and Amnesia. I have also featured a swatch of the exceptionally eye-catching angel dust below.


Pat mcgrath ecstacy swatches


I wasn’t really sure where, to begin with this palette, I knew I was drawn to Amnesia and Paradiso so I started by creating a smokey eye with Paradiso and dusting Amnesia over top. To add some light to the look I dabbed Angel Dust in the corner of my eye and along the center of the lid to create a halo effect (no pun intended, it is angel dust after all).
I finished the look by smoking the bottom lash line with Paradiso.


Yes, there is definitely some fall out under the outer corner of my eyes, I’m aware.


After a quick play date with this palette and accompanying extras, this is the final look. My bf wasn’t too keen on this look, I think it was a little too “pink eye” for him. Me, on the other hand, I enjoyed this look as much as I enjoyed creating it. I’m naturally drawn to looks that featured an eye with red undertones as it makes my eyes look most green.


Ever improving my skills and creativity,




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