NoBareLipsNovember: UrGalCie

Feature Image Credit: Urgalsal Instagram & Unconditional Love by Matthew Stone Art

I’m embarrassed that day one of NBLN is only happening now, but alas here we are!

The first makeup artist that we have chosen is the exceptionally creative URGALSAL, as her Instagram handle would name her, but she also goes by the name Salwa Rahman.

Rahman is a UK based blogger, student and “self-love consultant” who’s been blessed with a flair for makeup. Unlike her peers who grew up using makeup to enhance their features, and focused on the beautification process, Salwa indulged in the creative aspect. Unlike most, Salwa uses makeup to create highly creative looks to break free from the stereotypical norms of beauty. As a society, we’ve deemed certain things beautiful and some not, Salwa breaks that societal convention and allows the viewer to be mesmerized by her ability to transform the unaccepted into something that is thoughtful and captivating.

Unlike the masses, Rahman prefers to use art shop-bought watercolour paintbrushes to create her work as they are “more precise”. She doesn’t stay within expected mediums, but instead, she travels to new textures and consistencies to get her looks just right.

While some of what she does is very clean I can attest to the fact that these looks are not easy. The cleanliness of her lines and the precision with which she draws is next level.

For today’s look we were inspired by one of her most recent Instagram posts.

Urgalsal Inspo Images
Credit: Urgalsal Instagram

Clean lines & a modern take on something classic; the outlines are simple yet forward-thinking, not to mention precise as ever.

Ur gal sal Lip look collage

I did my best to emulate the whole look but the eye lines were impossible, whether it was because I was using a lip product on my eyes or because my skin was too oily, who knows. Now looking back at this look I’m happy with how the lip turned out, I could’ve done without, or just have done a better job on, the eyeliner. This look was very graphic and due to the pale nature of my skin and lips, I felt the need to brighten their pallor in order to produce a higher contrast.

Overall I’m not sure if this is something I would wear again, but rather it’s a look that has spawned a desire to play with colour and create unconventional looks.

A solid first day to #NoBareLipsNovember2019.

Check out URGALSAL on Instagram HERE!

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