#NoBareLipsNovember Day Two: Protest Queen

Day Two of #NoBareLipsNovember

Today’s product was exceedingly underwhelming… I’m talking about L’Oréal Cream Gloss in Protest Queen – 12.99$ CDN.
I was hoping this product would be a creamy buildable gloss that isn’t too sticky… I was wrong. This product felt like a cheap lipgloss, the colour flooded into creases and to the edges of my lips.
I really liked the brush on this gloss, it was interesting and offered some different angles, it hugs your lips. The gloss is thick and it feels moisturizing at first, but if you apply a little more it becomes sticky and the colour noticeably travels to the boundaries of your lips (inner and outer).


In all honesty, the only way I’d wear this product is by applying one coat, just one, one quick swipe. It feels as if this product was thrown together quickly for the sake of making a pink/peachy gloss, no thought or care put into its formulation, pity.

Loreal day 2 collage


L’Oréal was founded in 1909 by Eugène Schueller in Paris.L’Oréal started with hair care products, specifically hair dye, the company grew from there.

L’Oréal was the first company to mass produce a soapless shampoo. The product is still on the market as Dop.

L’Oréal is against animal testing and so they developed the Episkin, a reconstructed skin that’s used as an alternative for testing on animals. 


That’s day two for you, I know it wasn’t exactly what you’d hope it would be but alas not every day can be thrilling. It takes trying these underwhelming products to know what the outcome will truly be.

Confidently so I’m tickled about tomorrows product, it’s luxurious and heavy.

What’s your favourite gloss?


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