#NoBareLipsNovember Day TwentyThree: Blurry Milk

This product is based on the Korean gradient lip trend, and from an aesthetic point of view, I love it. However here’s the thing about this lip trend, I am genuinely confused with how people make this look good with this product. This product is almost like a sheer lipstick and so when it’s applied it moves around (unlike a stain). The first time or two that I applied this product I applied directly stick-to-lip. The white and red just blended… which defeated the purpose entirely.


LANEIGE Milk Blurring
$ 35.00 CDN


The other issue I have with this product is that the red is obviously a much more potent colour which easily takes over the white when applied. I feel as though the ratio of light vs dark needed to be more of a 3:1 and not 1:1


Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 10.35.22 PM
Their range of colours


I really like the formula of this product it’s super hydrating which isn’t surprising considering Laneige is know for their sleeping mask. I also loved this product because it was really light. It felt as though I was wearing nothing at all. I feel as though the technology La Neige uses for their skincare products could have been worked into some other really amazing lip products, but instead, they created this one which isn’t bad nor exceptional.


Milk Blurring


Seriously, image a two-piece tint set: a tint you can apply specifically where you want, it dries and a moisturizing/blurring “topcoat” (if you will) that helps seal the colour in.

Boom Million Dollar Idea

Got sidetracked there.

I like the way this product feels, but the way it looks is less than ideal. If it isn’t applied with a brush it’s a bit of a bust. And if you are able to apply this product stick-to-lip and make it look good you must be a magician.


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