#NoBareLipsNovember Day TwentySix: Tom Ford & Warren

Warren Lip swatches

Can we please talk about Tom Ford: luxury, exclusivity, price. You scroll past it on Sephora and think to yourself hmm I wonder what that expensive product would be like. Well for 44$ CDN you basically get a deluxe sample… it’s almost insulting. I genuinely thought it was a sample when I opened my Sephora package. I thought there was something missing… so that was awkward.

Tom Ford

I’m slightly sad that I bought this because I like this product, and I will tell you exactly why. I really put this lipstick through the wringer because 44$ for a small product sucks and I needed to ensure I gave you an exceptionally accurate review.

I applied this “stick to lip” the first 2 swipes: one upper lip and one lower lip; it looked like a moisturizing stain, it was really nice actually. Then I applied a little more just to build up to an opaque colour, the way most people would wear it.

*Note I did not apply lip liner


After about 2 hours or so of a bath, reading, steam, washing my face around the lipstick and drinking it was still on. Of course, it had worn to a degree but I would say it was 60% still on, it also wore off evenly which was nice because then I wasn’t left with that lip liner look. When this lipstick had worn down to about 40% the inner lip was a little lighter than the outside of my lips. After rubbing my lips together in hopes of balancing the product, it sat evenly and eliminated the liner effect.

Tom Ford Collage

This product did not bleed into those creases around my mouth, amazing!

Eventually, I did go to bed, I washed my face and I got rid of any immediate residue from my lips (the transferable product still on the lips). Upon waking up the next morning the product was still on my lips and not my pillow, shocking considering I sleep on my side and consequently, my face is against the pillow, mouth included.

So would I buy this again? for 44$ absolutely not. I liked it but did I like it enough to pay double what I would normally pay (and for half the product)… no. I’m 100% confident in saying there are comparable products – dupes if you will. Yes, I will share as soon as I find them.

How has your experience with Tom Ford been?

Are you willing to pay upwards of $70 CDN for an averagely sized lipstick?

Featured image images from TF Instagram and TF website


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