#NoBareLipsNovember Day TwentyNine: Maestro Armani

I’ve played with Giorgio Armani lip products in the past and I’ve really loved them so I was so excited to try more.

Today’s product is GIORGIO ARMANI Beauty Lip Maestro in Dark Velvet. This was a weird product to apply only because the does foot applicator has too much product when you pull it out, the seal around the top doesn’t remove any product as you pull out. When applying this product apply it slowly, layer by layer, it’ll allow for a precise application but also it will give you more control over the opacity. 

Giorgrio armani swatch
Retail $46.00 CDN . . . .

After wearing this product for a few hours the edges softened and product settled ever so slightly into the creases around the lips. The color is matte and looked really nice, it was like a vampy wine red. When I was wearing this product this it reminded me how much I miss wearing lipstick, it felt like a very effortless product.


Over approximately 4 hours the product wore away from the center of my mouth and would’ve required a small re-application had I been in public. While overall this product wears well it isn’t moisturizing at all, it’s not drying- it just doesn’t add any moisture so general lip care is definitely still required.

Overall, for 46.00 CDN I don’t think this product is worth purchasing, save yourself 8$ and buy the Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet.

Any favourite Giorgio Armani products you want to share?


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