#NoBareLipsNovember Day TwentyFour: Color Fever


Years and years and years ago this was the first real red I bought myself, yes this lipstick is past its prime but I don’t care, it has sentimental value. Ahh, the day I strolled the Beauty Boutique of Shoppers Drug Mart in search of nothing and I stumbled upon this red. An orangey red made for blondes.


color fever lancome 151This lipstick was worn for several hours and it wore SO well. I didn’t wear any lip liner and it didn’t budge. It does apply quite thick/densely so only one coat is required. I was quite pleased with this lipstick because it didn’t move, the colour was uniform, and it stayed bright throughout the day. The only real downside to this product was it was slightly drying. I recommend applying a moisturizing lip product after you wear.


Wanted to give you a close-up!


I realize that the last image was very zoomed, I wanted you to see the colour and the finish very clearly. Additionally, I’m not good at applying lipstick and yet because of the formula I was able to apply the lipstick in such a way that looked clean and tidy.
(that bottom lip lower fleck of red is actually a zit, not a lipstick application error)

I haven’t always been a fan of Lancome just because they advertise their products as though they’re made in France when only a handful or so actually are. I also feel as though their brand is a little undefined, they’re very looked over and just sort of blend in with the market; they don’t really stand out- they need to be more forward thinking.

That being said if you have any favourite Lancome products I’d love to hear about them, so I can try them and maybe find a new favorite!


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