#NoBareLipsNovember Day Three: E.Lauder 82

Day Three

Estee Lauder- All-Day Lipstick #82 Radiance – 28$CDN

Today’s lipstick was gifted to me by someone who worked in the lab at Estee Lauder. He worked with the artists to create products and get their consistencies right and make sure the colours were accurate, pretty cool job. The perks of the job were an immense amount of free cosmetics, and remember Estee Lauder owns many other companies… Origins, MAC, L.A.B

Estee Lauder compressed

day 3 lip and swatch

After I was gifted this lipstick I had discarded it into my mother’s cosmetics drawer, it didn’t seem like my colour, or just a colour I would wear. Eventually while going on a classic my mother’s drawer haul I came upon it. The first thing that caught my eye was the packaging: it’s heavy, eye-catching and simple, it’s weight feels good in your hand and it looks luxurious.

When applied this lipstick applies sheer but visible; apply another coat and it builds beautifully. It’s moisturizing and leaves this soft waxy texture that doesn’t feel awful on your lips. It feels as though you know it’s there and it has good wear, but it doesn’t feel heavy- it’s pleasant.

Day 3 Self Collage

Fun Facts

Mrs. Lauder kept her age close to her chest, never confirming her birthdate. “It’s the best-kept secret since the D-Day invasion,” she wrote in her autobiography.

“The saleswoman is my most important asset, the link to my customer.” She interviewed every one of her employees face-to-face. She would travel across the country to meet her prospective hires. “I don’t look at their resumes…I look at them,” she told the Boston Sunday Globe in 1969.

She pioneered the giveaway promotion, “A free gift to every purchaser, Estee Lauder has a gift for you!” and offered free samples through direct mail and at charity functions

Have you tried any of Estee’s famous products? How about their lipsticks?


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