#NoBareLipsNovember Day Thirteen: Saint & Sinner Wine

Recently I went to a wedding and it was SO beautiful. Truthfully, I was ecstatic to get ready for this wedding because the women getting married mean so much to me. Of course, I felt the need to pick the perfect dress and the perfect shoes because I am who I am and I wanted to look my best. I found my dress at Winners (you should go) and my shoes at the bay (the morning of the wedding).

Lipstick queen12.png

I tried to keep my makeup pretty “natural smokey” and so I wanted to do a bit of a brighter lip. I opted for this lip stain by Lipstick Queen. This stain doesn’t move around and it’s very buildable. What I don’t like about this stain is this odd lipliner buildup. you get around the mouth, this weird line/buildup also dries a little brown which I’m not crazy about. The rest of the stain sits reddish and nice and doesn’t move.

Lipstick Queen swatch

I like Lipstick Queen because their products are fun, interesting and unique. My love for them started when I was buying a gift for my friend; they had a couple of colour changing lipsticks that were hydrating, pretty and in my opinion a pretty cute gift. I ended up picking up one for myself as well.
Shocking, I know… and so the love affair began.


As you can see the buildup on this product is pretty gross, it settles into the lips in a really ugly way. It’s unfortunate that it does this because I love the colour. Once the stain is wiped off it leaves a pretty nice colour but the steps it takes to get there just isn’t worth it.

I most certainly do not recommend this product.

It’s a shame this product was such a disappointment because Lipstick Queen has some really great products.

Have you tried any of their products?


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