#NoBareLipsNovember Day Six: Stila BACI


I don’t know what it is about the lip product but I am firmly NOT a fan. First of all, I think this is an awful colour for me. It’s like a weird light purple/lilac mixed with a dusty rose. I feel as though this colour would be more suited to someone with an olive skin tone. I can’t tell if the colour is too light or what specifically I don’t like about it, it’s just not the colour for me. Also, the colour changes as it dries it starts off very light and then proceeds to get darker, i’ve shown the starting shade and the dried shade.


Baci Color Change Diagram


Let’s talk about the packaging, when pulling the wand out there’s no resistance/ the opening is too big so too much product comes out on the doe foot. Not only are you left wiping some of the product back into the tube but the product, because it’s so fluid, leaks out the tube around the seal. The smell is very strong, it smells of vanilla but almost in a chemically way.


Stila Lipstick Swatch


The formula is very runny, it’s not hard to apply it’s just a matter of taking your time. The formula seems to just seal the lips, if you have dry skin it bushes that against your lips and it really isn’t as noticeable. The fluidity also allows the colour to reach all the cracks and creases of the lips so it’s a pretty uniform colour.


Stila baci self collage



Stila’s iconic Lip Glazes were first created for Cameron Diaz on the set of Charlie’s Angels? Diaz also apparently named some of the shades.

The Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner is the most-pinned eyeliner of all time.

The founder of Stila, Jeanine Lobell has said in past that she hated plastic packaging (she thought it was ugly) so she opted to package their cosmetics in paper. She also preferred paper packaging because she thought it looked more vintage

According to Stila, the company’s global executive director of education and makeup artistry, Sarah Lucero, has worn Convertible Color Lip & Cheek Cream every day of her life for the past 15 years, talk about dedication.

Are you a fan of this Stila product? How do you find the colour wears on you?

If you own this product send us a picture, we’d love to see how this looks on some of our dark skin readers!


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