#NoBareLipsNovember Day Seven: PAT McGRATH Omi


I Love Pat McGrath Labs. From their packaging to their visuals to truly EVERYTHING (except the prices)Even though I’m quite certain I have many similar items, I so easily get lost in their website and end up convinced I need all their products. I’ve tried a lot of lipstick in my time and while I’ve tried lots of products I don’t always give them the thought they deserve. What I mean by this is, just because it’s on my face doesn’t mean I’m hyper-focused on how the product wears. That was not the case for this product.

Due to my mild obsession with PAT McGRATH, I decided to really put some additional thought and wear into this product. (not that I don’t normally, this was just a coveted product of mine)


Omi sample image 2


I’ve looked into many other peoples swatches in regard to this colour and I’ve seen mixed reviews. The images taken from the PAT McGRATH website (the lips) show the colour to have this almost dark brick faded red. However, when worn the colour is not as dark, I also found it to have more of a pink undertone. The lipstick is matte, it just has some shine in the picture because I had some lip chap on prior to application.


The lipstick application is extremely smooth, it’s hydrating and sinks into all the fine lines but doesn’t build up. I did find it almost stained the lips so if the top coat was worn off from whatever it may be the colour never fully faded. The edges did soften, if you’re into that look it’s definitely very KJH Qtip blur. It also had an almost powdery finish. I Really liked this lipstick and really commend it. No questions asked.


omi image 1


She never went to beauty school or took any professional training courses, they were too expensive for her.

She works primarily with her hands, not brushes

She is widely acknowledged as the most prolific catwalk makeup artist of all time

“I wear very natural makeup but it’s made up out of five foundations to make that perfect skin and my lipstick might be three different lipsticks mixed together, so it’s a kind of obsession in a different way,”


I’m very interested in the palettes but I really can’t justify 200 for a palette. Have you used them? I imagine they’re amazing, how do you like them?


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