#NoBareLipsNovember Day Fourteen: Flesh 3 & 1995


This post is to show you the colour of both of these products. They’re the same formula and I’ve previously done a review on said formula, to find this review/ description please click here!   The colours used in the below photos are Flesh 3 and 1995.


flesh 3 and 1995 self collage
Flesh 3 on the top lip & 1995 on the bottom lip RETAIL : $52.00 CDN


If you’re wondering why I would wear one colour on top and a different on the bottom it was because I was going for that Sir John Peanut Butter Jelly look.    I love these colours because they’re there but not… they add oomph without taking away from the face and the rest of the makeup.


Blended Patmcgrath Self collage




PMG_Mattetrance_lips_labled_FLESH_3 (1)


Have you fallen in love with Pat McGrath’s lipsticks as much as I have? They had an amazing sale for Cyber Monday and now I’m thoroughly hooked on all of their formulas, slight problem for my bank account but I’m pretending it’s okay.

Are there any colours that are your go-to?
I’d love to try them if there are!


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