#NoBareLipsNovember Day Five: Kiss Kiss Bang BANG!

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I haven’t used very many Marc Jacobs Beauty cosmetic items. I’m interested in the brand and how the products perform, I just seem to always find something else. I couldn’t tell you when I received this lipstick but I can tell you that this is the colour that’s most frequently given as a sample or in a promo gift bag etc.

The colour itself is described as “baked rose” when looking at the colour of the stick prior to application, it does appear to be ever so slightly dusted. Upon application, the colour appears much brighter. I would almost describe it as the colour Elle Woods or Barbie might wear when they became “middle-aged”.


The colour is bright enough to pop but not so bright it’s all you look at. It’s a very complimentary colour with blue undertones that has it bordering fuchsia. Applied lightly it gives the lips a nice flush.

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How it sits

It isn’t a drying formula but it’s not hydrating either, it falls into the creases of your lips but doesn’t stray from the contours of your lips. In other words, it doesn’t give you that veiny look, it feels nice and long lasting.

Kissy Face Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Facts & Quotes

He revolutionized Louis Vuitton. He was appointed creative director and transformed the brand into a powerhouse, quadrupling its gross revenue to $5 billion. He expanded the company’s products to include accessories and ready-to-wear clothing; in exchange, he received financial support for his own

Jacobs believes that “one doesn’t have to do the same thing everyone else does to have success”.

He was named Creative Director of Diet Coke in early 2013… WTF…

Jacobs adores the works of Miuccia Prada and will often be seen sitting front row at the Prada & Miu Miu shows in Paris.

About Beauty

“I think the idea of transforming into this person you want to be, is a lot of fun…it’s the idea of a young woman enjoying creating her look, getting ready for her night out, or her night after her night out.”

What Marc Jacobs products have you tried? Recently they came out with their holiday collection and I’m keen to try their  o!mega glaze all-over foil luminizer if you try it let me know!


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