#NoBareLipsNovember Day Eleven: Charlotte Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk, not the song, but the signature colour by Charlotte Tilbury. I feel comfortable saying this is a pretty popular colour among the beauty crazed. Not too long ago when I picked up a Charlotte Tilbury holiday set this colour was featured in that set, I was very excited to try it. I wasn’t really sure what all the hype was about but now it has become clear.


Charlotte tilbury Swatches
I felt the need to indicate that both liner swatches are Pillow Talk. They look so different and were sourced from the same website … weird.


I chose to use the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat as opposed to the lipstick and the liner. I heard such great things about the liner I wanted to see how it performed on its own.


Celebs in Pillow Talk


WOW, Lip Cheat lip liner lasted FOREVER, it did not budge. I’m so excited to use it to overline my lips using a different coloured lipstick over top, I’m thinking it will really bring me closer to that Kylie Jenner look. This lip liner isn’t thick, however, it does have a very dense consistency which gives it amazing staying power. That density prevents anything put within its perimeter or over top of it to stay where its intended. At the end of the day isn’t that all anyone can ask in a lip liner?

Note: This colour of lipstick really changes on everyone, skin tone really affects the overall look of pillow talk (as seen above)



Charlotte Darling

When Charlotte gave birth she did so in a full face of makeup and a black negligee “because as my mother always says, ‘you must look fetching at all hours’.”

In the time span of five months: “I got divorced, got married, had a baby and launched in America [Bergdorf Goodman in New York and Nordstrom in LA] Her due date was 4 days after her wedding.

She claims to never get star struck
*do we believe her?*


Do you have any favourite Charlotte Tilbury products? Do you have any good dupes for the classic Pillow Talk colour?


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