No Bare WHAT ?!

Woah! Is November seriously around the corner?!
Let’s talk about something, November… well, Movember.
I mean I personally love facial hair, I think it’s sexy.

Some women obviously don’t like it, but here’s the thing: I love the men of this world just as much as I love the women. The question is why should men have all the fun for Movember? It’s an opportunity to raise funds for prostate cancer and realistically we need those boys just as much as they do. To partake in the fun we’ve created something for the ladies.

About 5 years ago we created No Bare-Lips November; a chance to try a new lip product every day. Seeing as the ‘mo’ is so close to the mouth we thought “hey why not”

Every day of November we’ll be posting either on our YouTube or on the site to feature a new product to cover those lips. From balms to tints, lip creams, lip powders and more, we’ve got quite a variety; we’ll even be mixing our own colours!
We want you to see how they apply, how they wear, and how a real non-makeup artist puts on lips products; to me that last one is important. Watching YouTube videos is great fun but here’s the thing, can you actually recreate it? I normally hope I can… but this will be a great opportunity for any of you non-makeup artists to see how a product applies using the skill level of an everyday person.

Enjoy our amateur applications and the infinite amount of duck faces we’ll make into the camera. Most of all, enjoy seeing all of the products and deciding which is most tempting to you.

We hope you choose to participate!


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