Nick Cordero: Grieving Someone I’ve Never Met

3 Days ago (July 5th) someone incredible was taken from this world, his name was Nick Cordero. I never met him and that’s the point of this article.

I’ve been following Nick’s wife, Amanda Kloots, on social medial for a few years now. I would sometimes message her or leave a comment and she would always reply. I don’t know how to really describe her other than sunshine.

She’s warm and radiates positivity and when her light reaches you, you’ll feel as though you can do anything.

Over the last 95 days, Nick was being treated at L.A’s Cedar Sinai Hospital. If I remember correctly he went in for what they thought was pneumonia, tested negative to 2 COVID tests, then when they swabbed a third time he tested positive. While in a coma, over the next 95 days Nick fought through the toughest of trials. After fighting for so long his body needed a break, and with a heavy heart God opened his gates.

While Nick was in the hospital his caring, thoughtful, smart, and hard-working wife Amanda was doing the most. She was keeping her business up and running, she was being an incredible mother, daughter, sister, and friend and she shared all of this with us. She kept hope alive, she multiplied her sunshine, by using social media like little mirrors to reflect more light onto everyone else. I don’t particularly like social media because I only ever see it used in a negative way, but the way she built community and rallied her prayer warriors is something that we should all take note of.

Credit: Amanda Kloots Instagram

These times that we’re all pushing through right now are strange and trying, but by using these tools that we’ve created for good and not for ego we can all feel a little closer. When I read the news of Nicks passing, on social media, I sat on the floor and wept, and after that, I took a shower and I wept some more. Grief washed over me and it took me by surprise; I’ve never been emotionally affected like this regarding someone I didn’t personally know. But then I realized something, I did know Nick.

We know Nick not just from his artistry and the work he’s done in the world. We know him through the light he shone onto others, the light he brought to his family and friends. We can see it in the playfulness and openness of his son Elvis, and we can see it in the daily dance moves of people around the world.

Credit: Amanda Kloots Instagram

Every day, every time we meet or interact with someone we exchange a little piece of ourselves. We give them some of our good and maybe they give us some of theirs, maybe they give us some of their less good because they need help offloading a burden. It’s clear that Nick gave good and helped take other peoples less good and turn it into something better.

Although Nick is no longer physically here, there are little pieces of him that live in all of us. Amanda took something as simple as social media and reflected Nick onto all of us so that we can all be a little bit better, a little bit brighter.

In 3 months, through this woman and her family, I learned more about perseverance, pain, love, and hope than I ever have. And while she constantly thanked and praised the health heroes of Cedar Sinai Hospital, I think the world would agree that Amanda herself is a hero.

Credit: Amanda Kloots Instagram

I offer my deepest condolences to the Cordero and Kloots family. And while words can sometimes hang in the air after all is said and done, I encourage everyone to keep dancing, smiling, and loving one another.

They’ll give you hell but don’t you let them kill your light
Not without a fight
Live your life

-Nick Cordero

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With love,


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