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Feature Image Credit: Beasweet Instagram

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Sitting here I find myself trying to embark on a journey of defining this incredible makeup artist. I approach the concept like I would a feral animal, taking a step back and seeing the big picture, finding the greatest angle of attack. But what’s one to do when you just can’t find your way in? You’re standing on the outside and seeing the big picture and not knowing how to approach things. This is the dilemma in which I find myself.


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Image Credit: Beasweet Instagram


Bea Sweet is a London based makeup artist that has an undefinable style. The looks she creates appear so simple and yet they require an incredibly steady and deliberate hand. The inspiration and thought that goes into her looks are unparalleled. Hearing her comment on the preparation involved for each look sort of blows my mind. In part because I’ve never approached makeup artistry as she does, but also because the interpretations of her inspiration and her thought patterns are so unique. I really don’t want to taint her essence and the magic of her makeup by defining it so instead I will refer you to some great and well-written interviews.

Here  &  Here


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Image Credit: Beasweet Instagram


But let’s get to today’s lip!

There were too many amazing looks on Bea Sweets’ Instagram to choose from but one really jumped out at us, a negative space lip, something we hadn’t seen before.

Bea sweet Lip inspo images
Image Credit: Beasweet Instagram

Those were the images that we used to inspire our lip and this is how we managed. Not too shabby if I do say so myself! I tried to do an inner lip ombre but it really didn’t show through as I had expected, oh well.

BeaSweet Lipstick Collage

I really love this lip and I’m amazed at how good I felt after I managed to create something that closely resembled the look I was trying to attain.

This look taught me a couple great makeup tricks but what it reminded me/taught me, even more, was the sense of self-accomplishment we can achieve when we say”fuck it” and just go for it.

Throwing caution to the wind,


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