NBLN: Baume Flow with MDM Flow’s Florence

Day 2 of NBLN: Another amazing opportunity to discover a new brand and the badass who runs it!

MDM Flow is owned and operated by Florence Adepoju, a brilliant woman from the UK who was on the trajectory to work in pharmaceuticals. However, as fate would have it at 17 years old working at the Benefit Cosmetics counter, she was brought to their headquarters on a tour along with some other employees.

About Florence

As someone who loves science, and chemistry specifically, and has a passion for fashion and the arts, Florence realized the beauty industry to be an amalgamation of the two and the rest is history.

Florence Adepoju in her Lab Formulating mdm flow makeup and lipstick

Florence enrolled at the London College of Fashion to pursue a Cosmetic Science degree. Whilst in school she continued to work at cosmetics counters in the evenings using her interactions with customers, and the products themselves, as an opportunity to develop her vision for her own brand.
She saw what was missing when she couldn’t provide customers with the type of lip product they were searching for.

And then…

Fast forward a few years and Florence was formulating lipsticks in her parent’s backyard shed, while she says her brothers claim it’s more of a cabin, but for the story, we’ll stick with shed. She was seeing how much was lacking within the beauty industry and especially the watered-down formulations. Retailers were using “fillers” to decrease costs and increase unit production, while this might not pose as big of a problem for white people, people of colour have a hard time if the pigment within the product isn’t strong enough. Looking to the past, Florence looked at Geisha culture and even to African beauty and saw that they both used pure pigment. And so she started formulating her products this way, with a focus on pure pigment.

MDM Flow Makeup Promo

With an influence from 90’s hip-hop and some of her main inspo coming from queens like Kellis and Lil Kim, Florence names every lip product after a song.

*Now after having seen how diligent she is within her pigment selection and ingredients I do wish I had chosen something a little more bold to showcase but I still absolutely love today’s product.*

Mdm Flow Lipstick Gold Tubes

Baume Flow is a “multi use gloss pot for eyes and lips that contain all the nourishing ingredients needed to make this your favourite balm.”
“Baume Flow contains coconut oil, shea butter, pomegranate sterol & meadowfoam seed oil. Non-tacky, non-sticky, non-drying. Just a smooth creamy shine 〰️ perfect for lighting up your eyes & lips.”

When I purchased/received this product, in all honesty, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. But with KJH being one of my favourite makeup artists glossy dewy anything was something I’m interested in. Oh Boy! is a cute colour and seemed versatile enough to be used on my eyes & cheeks.

MDM Flow makeup Oh Boy Baumeflow

So here’s how it went…

The balm has a very natural smell, it’s not strong but it is noticeable. When wearing BaumeFlow you’ll taste the natural flavours, I didn’t find it especially bothersome but it’s certainly not for everyone. The balm feels like a solid oil and it melts right into your skin. It has the slightest pink tint and the slightest shimmer, it’s SO pretty and ethereal. I applied it to my lips and cheeks to give me a glow and hot damn did I feel dewy. Seriously this stuff gives RMS’s Luminizer a run for its money. Definitely a repurchase!

Hot Tip
As Oh Boy! isn’t heavily tinted use it before bed as the hydration is so next level. Just make sure not to rub your face in your covers or pillow.

Glowing to the high heavens and back,


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