NARS: Erdem x Man Ray Collaborations

More of an audio/visual learner click here for the video!

Sometimes I feel as though fashion/cosmetic design is slowing down. Designers are regurgitating what we’ve already seen in other seasons from other designers. It begs the question of whether or not it’s really possible to be original, especially when we unconsciously consume information.

With this realization in tow, I love when companies and designers collaborate. You see the personalities of each brand materialize in a (hopefully) harmonious way. The packaging, the colours, textures etc…

When NARS put out a holiday collection inspired the artist Man Ray I was interested. From the pops of gold contrasting with their normally simple packaging to the interesting colour combinations, they had my attention.

Being unaware of the quality of the cosmetics from their collaborations I picked up 2 of the NARS x Man Ray products. I was pleasantly surprised by the collection; creamy formulas and signature colours in striking packaging.

NARS is doing something that not enough other companies are doing: they’re keeping things interesting.

We’ve come to expect the product a company is going to release. While their signature line is a staple they’re collaborations are the stars of the show.

The Man Ray collection was gold and delicious. Mouthwatering combinations and interesting colour pairings. Now, as if their holiday collection wasn’t enough they’ve teamed up with Erdem. Velvet, dew covered wildflowers have inspired this collection. It’s a yin-yang between night and day, hard and soft, and light and dark. Thus far the collection has received great reviews which is no surprise considering the already unparalleled quality of the product.



Truly, I can’t wait to see what NARS comes out with for fall. In the colder seasons the product can be a bit more high maintenance as it doesn’t deteriorate from sweat and sun. I’d be more than happy with some startling and fiery combinations, come at me NARS.




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