My Secret Weapon for Brass Free Hair

I get a lot of questions and comments regarding my hair. There’s nothing especially extraordinary about it, just everyday people coming up to me and saying they love the colour of my hair. Now were this to be one or two people I would brush it off as just simple compliments. However, when it started to reach about a dozen people in a short time frame I decided I should share the only secret really related to the colour of my hair- my shampoo.

I use a purple shampoo about every week and a half if not less. I apply it to my hair while in the bath or prior to a shower and I leave it in for about 15 minutes. Purple shampoo removes or reduces the level of brassiness you have in your hair. Let me warn you this process can be quite messy and this shampoo does stain skin, towels, and clothes. You can certainly apply some cream to your hairline prior to application to help reduce the degree of staining.


Bath Pictues


After prepping you hairline I like to brush my hair, dampen it and apply the shampoo in sections to make sure that it saturates the hair evenly. From there I wait, with a book, a Netflix show, or just mindless household tasks. You can leave the shampoo in your hair as long as you’d like, just know the longer it’s in your hair the more your hair colour will change. It will change from a yellow colour to having a grey tone but leave it a little longer and you’ll be rocking some sweet lilac highlights. Posted below are two different variations you can achieve with purple shampoo.

Hair Level 1

In this example i had left the shampoo in my hair for 5-10 minutes. You can see some whiter streaks closer to my face all credited to the shampoo. There is still some brassiness in the back simply because it’s more challenging to saturate that area.

Hair Level 2

Above is my preferred hair colour, it’s a little more fun and unexpected. The highlights have a slight blueish tint to them, and the overall colour has more of a grey tone. This colour was achieved with 2 sessions, either consecutive or a few days apart, of leaving the shampoo in for at least 15 minutes.

My favourite blue shampoo is by milkshake haircare.


Milkshaek Image
Retails for approx: $30.00 CDN


“This shampoo cleanses gently with its specific violet pigment, counteracting unwanted yellow or brassy tones in natural blond or bleached, grey or white hair. It gives hair shine, softness and vitality with its formula containing organic berry extracts and milk proteins. SLS and SLES free.”

Do you have a blue shampoo that you use regularly? This one is a little expensive and I would love to have some less expensive options recommended!

Let’s hear your suggestions!


With brass free hair,



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