My HolyGrail Foundation for Problem Skin

I have this weird condition, it’s similar to rosacea. Basically, my face flares up in this hellfire way. I become so flushed and it creeps to my neck, chest, and arms and I get super hot- it’s so uncomfortable. There’s a name for it but I never remember what it is because its some long German word.

Now knowing this, I’m sure you can imagine I like a fuller coverage foundation as a safety net against the possibility of going bright red. I have tried SOO many different foundations with a multitude of primers and moisturizers underneath. Recently I came across my HOLY GRAIL foundation. [and for what it’s worth I never use that word]

Fenty Pro Filtr Soft Matte Longwear Foundation.

Forget what you’ve heard about this foundation. Until you try it, don’t judge it. This foundation has amazing coverage, a flawless finish, amazing shade range, and a little goes a long way. Not to mention you can achieve a different range of finishes with this product, dewy or matte – it’s possible.

Let’s take a look these before and after photos.


before fenty.jpg


Some redness around my nose/chin and my skin has some slight discolouration throughout.

After fenty


Check out the video of this application because you’ll see how normal my application method is. I applied with a brush and a blender and just sort of went for it, no magic technique, just enthusiasm.






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