My Favourite Eyeshadow Base

I don’t often wear eyeshadow, I find it’s so easy to mess up and I am excellent at under blending. You can’t be in a rush otherwise you forget to clean up that little bit of fallout, or you struggle endlessly to get both sides to match. Eyeshadow is a testament of not just skill, but patience. After all that hard work the last thing you want is for it to fade quickly- this is when a primer comes in handy. What I look for in an eyeshadow primer is a good uniform colour, not too white, and a little tackiness to grip the eyeshadow.

I’ve tried a few eyeshadow primers and my second favorite is Stay Don’t Stray eyeshadow primer by Benefit. What I like about this primer is that the lightest colour works as an amazing undereye concealer; it lasts all day, which, with a concealer, can be challenging to find.

All that being said, my current favourite primer is Urban Decays Primer potion in Fix, altogether there are 3 different formulas of primers with the original coming in 6 shades. Fix is a limited edition matte light beige. On this base, eyeshadow pops really nicely and it holds eyeshadow especially well, when the primer is brought up to the brow bone it even works as a nice brow highlighter.

Primer potion fix.jpg

The Set Up

The other night when going out I decided to do my eyeshadow, a rarity, I went for a smokey taupe eye with a little inner eye sparkle, nothing too eye-catching. I used the Becca Ocean Jewels palette to create this look.

Before after makeup primer potion
Before application & After application

I never really did a try on of this palette so I wanted to show a little before and after of the vibes this palette can create. At first, I thought this palette would only create bright sparkly eyes, and while it does, it can create some really beautiful neutral eyes.

Test Results

The below images show just how well this primer can hold eyeshadow for 12 HOURS on someone with oily lids!! (oily lids sound like an anomaly, however, they’re quite common) I wore this eyeshadow all day and while it did crease there is still enough product on the lids to maintain the general look I was going for.

before and after eyeshadow wear
Results of overall wear

I don’t know if you’re as impressed as I am regarding the staying power of this primer; keeping in mind I was wearing this shadow for 12 hours (and I have oily lids), I think this is quite impressive. I know after about 8 hours, with no primer, most of my eyeshadow would wear down to a faint sprinkling.

Needless to say, this primer has become a staple in my makeup bag.

Have you tried this primer?

I know it’s quite popular among makeup and beauty enthusiasts, what do you think of it? worth the hype? And if you suffer from oily lids like I do, did you find it held your makeup well?


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