Moschino X Sephora Collab Review

Sephora and Moschino have just released a new collab, and in the spirit of seeing that collab I thought I would review an old one.

The collab I am referring to is the teddy toy collab, Moschino’s mascot. The item i picked up from this collab was the teddy lipgloss which featured a huge chain that held your desired lip gloss colour. The packaging was playful and especially eye-catching.

“When thinking about the collaboration [with sephora] I wanted to capture the iconography of Moschino and there could be no more perfect of an ambassador to do that than our mascot teddy Toy!” – Jeremy Scott



In the kit there were 6 lipglosses, I somehow lost one of them which is disappointing because it looks like the prettiest colour. The lipglosses applied well, not great but decent enough. The colours were very pigmented and not too sticky.

Soho MoschinoParis Pink Moschino


The colours I disliked the most were the lightest colours, they seemed slightly “gloppy” aka, they didn’t apply seamlessly and smoothly. I felt as though I needed a lot of gloss to really make the colour stand out. And even when I applied enough i felt as though it settled into the creases of my lips. The darker colours were less prone to this, they sat pleasantly on my lips and added a pinch of moisture.


Miami Moschino
Loved it!

Milano Moschino


They say orange reds look the best on blondes, I always found that hard to believe, especially since applying such a bright colour can be disastrous re application. This colour went on smoothly and framed my lips exactly how I wanted, there was even a nice stain left on the lips post-wear.

Malibu Moschino
This colour wasn’t terrible, it was a good nude. It was the formula on which I wasn’t sold.


If I were to base this collection on this product alone it feels as though it would be a 3.8/5 good, decent, not the best it could be but still worth it at a sale price. I’m excited to show you what the new collection looks like if you haven’t seen it already!




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