Monday Masking: Turmeric Rosemary Detox

If you haven’t heard of Arbonne here’s a great way to discover a little bit about them. Arbonne and their philosophy is described as such,

“pure, botanically based ingredients in scientifically tested products; a pure, healthy lifestyle; and the pure joy of helping others.”

They’re a lifestyle company with products ranging from bath and skincare to sports and nutrition. Their brand is based on feeding the body from the inside and out. Their ingredients list is clean and they follow strict guidelines regarding what actually goes into each product.

They are a 35-year-old ever-evolving company that sticks firm to their philosophy and the principles upon which the company was founded.

With this little bit of knowledge let me introduce you to their Rescue and Renew Detox Mask.


Arbonne Mask In use


Key Ingredients

French Pink Clay: Cleanses and exfoliates the skin while drawing out impurities
Rosemary Oil: Hydrates and maintains skin clarity
Neutralizing Acids: Phytic, Mandelic, Lactic, salicylic and Azelaic Clarify refine and brighten the skin.


Turmeric: Helps with inflammation, reducing redness and works as a natural antiseptic keeping bacteria from spreading.
Ginger Root: Helps to enhance skins radiance

How to

-Apply a thin layer of mask over entire face or desired areas
-Wait 15 minutes or until mask is dry
-Wash mask off with warm water and pat dry.
aka Standard masking instructions*


Upon application, this mask gives you a serious oompa loompa look, it’s a sort of fake tan colour. The mask spreads easily and is quite fluid. You’ll begin to notice the thinner parts of the mask begin to dry nearly immediately.


Arbonne mask before

Arbonne mask during images

As the mask dries your eye will be drawn to where the mask is attracting the most dirt and oil, slightly gross but awesome at the same time.


arbonne mask during images 2


Once the mask is washed off you may notice some skin discoloration and redness, this is normal and should go away after several minutes.


Arbonne Mask After

Proceed with a nice moisturizer and sit back, relax, tie your hair back and maybe use your gua sha. Your skin will feel LIFTED but not tight. I seriously felt as though I had had a mini facelift. My skin felt light and breezy and seriously deeply cleaned. Apart from the redness that subsided after 30-45 minutes this mask did exactly what it promised.

OH! And I forgot to mention!

This mask helped bring all these tiny close comedones to the surface where I was finally able to do a light extraction on them, not to mention my forehead was SO smooth. Any inflammation I had disappeared and the skin felt much tighter. I also had 2 whiteheads that dried from the time the mask started to when it finished, seriously gone. I was shooketh.


Hope you get as much gross stuff out of your skin as I did,


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