Monday Masking: Silt Purification


Ahhhh !

I’m so happy to be finally reviewing/talking about this product, it has been on my to-do list forever. This mask is created by a company called Volition Beauty, they’re a company focused on effective, clean, vegan, gluten-free products. They’ve recently expanded their product repertoire immensely, so I highly recommend you check them out!


Now moving on.

I was first introduced to this mask through Sephora’s ‘Beauty Offers’ section, a page that has a variety of deluxe samples that you can add to your order when you spend over $25. Upon receiving this mask there was enough product for about 2 uses. The first time I tried this product my skin had been slightly inflamed, a bit red, and a little unhappy. This mask helped to clear up all of the problems I was having. Thank you active ingredients!

Key IngredientsScreen-Shot-2019-07-06-at-5.52.45-PM-copy-3710934447-1562453125991.jpg

Black Silt: Extracts impurities while soothing skin, promotes cell oxygenation and firmness.

Squalane (Plant-derived): Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while locking in moisture, reducing redness and surface irritation.

Jojoba Oil: Improves moisture, skin texture, and oil control. At a molecular level, this oil is one of the most similar to our own skin’s oil, thus it absorbs easily, it also possesses some antimicrobial properties.

Quinoa Protein: The high concentration of B3 (niacinamide) assists in calming and addressing damaged skin, it also helps to strengthen the skin’s barrier.


Volition Silt Mask product image
A 60 mLs container retails for $79.00 CDN


How To

Taken to clean dry skin, apply this mask evenly over face. After 5-10 minutes, using the given sponge, wash the mask off. Pat dry.

When first applied, the mask feels very cool and has a muddy natural smell (not unpleasant). As it dries (it doesn’t dry completely, only a little) it tightens ever so slightly and the colour changes to a reddish brown. After being washed off the skin is left soothed and moisturized.

Volition Silt Mask During



When being washed off this mask takes a little bit of elbow grease to come off, upon wetting the sponge (which grew much more than I had anticipated) I recommend you use circular motions to wash this mask off. The sponge will need to be rinsed several times to wash the mask off, also dependant on how thickly it was applied. Once completely washed off you can expect to have a soft, hydrated complexion that smiles back at you.

I think Silt is such an amazing ingredient and more companies should consider using it. If you’ve tried any products with silt drop us a comment or email, we always love learning of new products!

Happy Masking!


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